Sep 1, 2022 • 1HR 5M

Tokenomics Community Talk @ The Product House

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Tokenomics DAO is a place to explore and collaborate on tokenomics of web3 protocols and blockchain applications. This podcast is one more way we make tokenomics accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject.
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This conversation followed an invitation to join a Twitter Space (recording unfortunately no longer available) with The Product House. This time it was on TPH’s discord server and we managed to record it properly :)

Tokenomics was the most requested topic by the TPH community and we were happy to give some answers and explanations.

This is entry-level tokenomics and web3 know-how but the fundamentals are arguably probably the most important to be able to join general conversations in the web3 space. We think it is worth your time to take a listen.

Thanks, and enjoy!