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Tokenomics Community Talk: Maple Finance

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Tokenomics DAO is a place to explore and collaborate on tokenomics of web3 protocols and blockchain applications. This podcast is one more way we make tokenomics accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject.
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During this Community Talk, jhanitio walks us through the Maple Finance platform and its token (MPL). We invite you to follow the presentation as the community dives deeper into the following talking points:

  • What is Maple? A decentralized corporate credit marketplace for undercollateralized lending

  • What is MPL good for? Looking through the lens of product enhancement and user benefits

  • MPL Tokenomics: Value capture via revenue share and staking rewards

  • Distribution and Allocation: Assessing strategy at TGE

  • Value creation & value capture: True credit creation and revenue sharing


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Tokenomics 101 Article:

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Tokenomics 101: Maple Finance
Introduction Maple Finance is a decentralized corporate credit marketplace connecting institutional crypto-native borrowers with DeFi depositors. The protocol is one of the few lending platforms in the market today that provide undercollateralized loans – a key primitive required for DeFi to truly reach mainstream adoption…
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